FAQ: This is going to cost us a lot of money. Can we save money and eliminate the Coach?

I know . . . everyone wants more money! Right? And, this thing . . . “cost” . . . I encourage you to consider that cost may mean more than just dollars and cents. It may also mean the emotional and psychological expense to you and your family. For many, divorce is an unwanted and horrific experience. For others, everything about the separation and divorce seems rather cordial until a word is used or someone recalls a particular event. Suddenly and without warning, the atmosphere changes and feelings run high.  The Coach can help you and your spouse or partner manage these emotions, allowing you to focus and reach resolutions on matters that are most important to each of you. The amount of time you spend with a Coach depends upon how well you communicate and problem solve. The Coach helps you move beyond hurts and disappointments and plan for the future. Whether discussing custody, parenting plans, property division, estate planning or business succession, the Coach can help economize your time, money and emotional capital. Skills and tools learned with the Coach can give you a foundation for developing more satisfying resolutions to concerns that will inevitably come up down the road.

FAQ: How can a coach help if we don’t communicate now? We don’t listen or talk to each other.

That’s a great question! In thinking about this, first ask yourself, “Do you wish this could be different?” If your answer is yes, a Coach can help. Developing new ways to let your spouse know how you feel, what fears and concerns you have and what you need may require some new skills. Understanding what gets in the way of having meaningful conversations and then changing that pattern is the beginning to effective communication and problem solving. The Coach can help both of you learn the communication skills you need in order to have a better understanding of one another’s experience and then more effectively work together. The Coach along with the Collaborative Team will help structure improved communication with one another. You each will have a better understanding of the real issues and concerns. Productive, respectful and healthy communication is inevitable. We can help!

FAQ: My partner does not feel like we need a therapist.

It sounds like your partner has concerns that a Coach will be doing therapy. While a Coach in the Collaborative Process is a licensed mental health professional, he or she is not going to be doing therapy. Instead, the Coach will help you and your partner manage emotions that may impact the ability to focus on solutions rather than blame and revenge. Emotions may range from fear, anger, and worry to resentment, disappointment and grief. The Coach will help manage these emotions, freeing you to problem solve, to develop meaningful solutions and to move on with your life.

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