FAQ: How can the Collaborative Team help my family-owned business in transition?

 Our Collaborative Team that includes a lawyer for each party, a neutral Financial Specialist and Coach, can guide your family members during a leadership transition. The knowledge and training of the Collaborative Team can help your family:

  • avoid unpleasant, time-consuming court proceedings;
  • maintain control over the process and decisions;
  • resolve concerns outside of court, in a private and confidential setting, minimizing the emotional toll and cost.

FAQ: How can a collaborative approach help me after the death of a loved one?

Many families face some conflict after the death of a loved one and can benefit from the Collaborative Team’s assistance in resolving disagreements about the distribution of funds or the receipt of cherished family mementos. Your Collaborative Team can guide you in open discussions among family members, minimizing the time and stress that can occur when the traditional court process is used to resolve the conflict.   The Collaborative Process allows family members to gain the tools needed to develop productive patterns of communication and move from blame to solutions and cooperation.

FAQ: How can the Collaborative Team help me with my will and other estate planning documents?

 The preparation of a will, a power of attorney or a living will can sometimes present difficult choices. For example, if you hesitate to name one child over another and worry that a child may feel hurt by your choices, you can resolve these issues with the help of our Collaborative Team. Our Collaborative Lawyers, Financial Specialists and Coaches are trained to assist you in communicating with your family members in private, with the opportunity:

  • to manage emotional reactivity;
  • to promote healthy, respectful communication;
  • to promote and strengthen family functioning and relationships; and
  • to reach a consensus that will provide you with peace of mind.

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