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Phone: (314) 477-8585


1811 Bethlehem Pike

Practice Areas:
Mental Health Specialist

Barbra Danin is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Clinical Art Therapist, and is EMDR Certified.  She has been in practice for over 30 years, working with young children, preteens and adolescents, adults, groups, couples and families.  Barbra has practiced in schools, hospitals, clinics, residential treatment facilities, Family Court and private practice. Her areas of expertise include the treatment of anxiety, depression, family conflicts and relationship, and behavioral issues.

For the past ten years, Barbra has also worked as a Coach and Child Specialist in Collaborative Divorce cases.  She also assists couples post-divorce with co-parenting issues and ways for them to effectively meet their children’s needs. In addition, Barbra works with children of divorcing families, providing an outlet for them to share their concerns and feelings.  Barbra has taught and lectured on issues of mental health treatment in the United States and internationally, and is in practice at the Resiliency Center, in Flourtown PA.

Barbra can be reached at (314) 477-8585.