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Phone: 267-566-2002


1111 Street Road

Practice Areas:
Mental Health Specialist

My focus is family dynamics, whether I see a family, a couple, or individuals. Sometimes our growth is stunted and we get stuck in ineffectual patterns of behavior requiring some change to flourish. I use EMDR, Brainspotting and other mind body techniques to assist your process of change. I use child centered filial play therapy because it involves the parents directly in the process of change in their children. Parents are the most powerful enablers for their children and have the ability to effect change in a way that another outside the family cannot to create more loving and accepting children.
I am trained in Child Centered Play Therapy for children as young as 3 years of age. I am a divorce coach and child specialist in Collaborative Law, an established method of divorce that puts the decisions in the couples hands. EMDR is a technique for anxiety, depression and trauma.
I practice in an effort to facilitate change through mind-body methods that are proven to provide long lasting results because the power of the brain to change and grow is ever present.