Collaborative Divorce Helps Couples Plan a Future Apart – The Legal Intelligencer Spotlight

October 30, 2018

Collaborative divorce in Pennsylvania supported by trained Collaborative Law Professionals can help couples resolve common family law issues pertaining to divorce. Divorce lawyers have learned that when spouses can work together they can create a healthier and less devastating divorce outcome.

The legal community has practiced and supported an alternative to litigation for some time, preferring that divorce disputes be resolved outside of court. In June of 2018 the Pennsylvania Collaborative Law Act was signed and Pennsylvania joined 18 other states in creating a standard practice for constructive separation and divorce. This introduction of a standard practice has made Collaborative Divorce in Pennsylvania a trend in family law.

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Individuals who choose this path also work with neutral financial advisors and divorce coaches to address monetary and mental health concerns. The Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania provides representation in Chester County, Bucks, Montgomery, West Chester, Doylestown, Norristown and Media!

Learn more about Collaborative divorce in Pennsylvania from a lawyer, financial or mental health professional with the Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania.