Is Collaborative Law Right For You?

Ending a long-term relationship is a deeply personal and sensitive matter that most people prefer to go through in private. The collaborative divorce process provides a private place, outside the court system, in which you can have respectful conversations with your spouse or partner when a relationship ends, or with a family member in matters related to estate issues or a family business. A professional collaborative team will help you to reach solutions that consider the needs of everyone affected. Court proceedings can be emotionally destructive and financially expensive with parties left powerless in determining a final solution.

7 Advantages of
Collaborative Law

If you are looking for a dispute resolution process in which parties settle legal conflict without litigation in court, then Collaborative Practice may be what you are looking for. Here, are a seven valuable reasons to choose Collaborative Practice:

  1. I want to preserve a relationship with the other party.
  2. I want to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of my family.
  3. I wish to minimize the emotional and financial costs for my family and me.
  4. I choose to avoid having the court make decisions.
  5. I choose to work together with my spouse/partner/family member to find creative solutions that will meet each of our needs.
  6. I believe that it is important to move past current frustrations, pain and anger and plan for the future.
  7. I choose to be part of the planning process in reaching a resolution; not one imposed upon me by the court.

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