Estate & Business Planning

Estate Planning for
Philadelphia & Southeastern PA Counties

Work with an estate planning attorney and collaborative financial planner to organize your financial affairs for the next generation. We will collaborate with you to create and manage the documents that secure the financial future for you and your family.

Estate planning most often includes:

  • Creating Living Will, also called an Advance Healthcare Directive, that governs the medical treatment that you desire, if you are unable to speak and Last Will and Testament that directs the disposition of the property that you own
  • Developing a Guardianship that documents who can make legal decisions for you if you are incapacitated
  • Preparing your Power of Attorney and designating someone to take care of your financial affairs if you are not able to do so. You may also decide that you would like to create a trust that names someone else, your trustee, to act on your behalf with regard to your property.
  • Advising on your behalf about will contents and estate disputes.
  • Designing solid business succession plans to achieve smooth ownership and management transitions.

Avoid disputes about property, financial affairs, and medical preferences. Partner with the Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania to plan your future.

Business Succession Planning

Many families face the challenges of continuing a family business as an older generation becomes less active and shares the responsibility of running a family business with the next generation. Estate and business succession planning requires responsible decision making and cooperation. The transition of your business requires great attention to detail. The Collaborative Alternative can ensure that all family members are heard and acknowledged when creating plans for the future.

Our business planning lawyers, professionals and certified financial planners advise individuals who have chosen to settle their legal affairs using Collaborative Practice in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas.


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