Premarital & Marital Settlement Agreements


The Collaborative Law professionals and divorce lawyers of Southeastern Pennsylvania use the collaborative process and divorce mediation services to help you navigate PA divorce laws and prenuptial requirements to create a financial plan in the event your marriage ends.

Both premarital agreements (prenuptial) and marital settlement agreements are contracts that govern how property and debts will be divided and paid if your marriage ends due to divorce or death with timing being the main difference.

Premarital agreements are contracts that are entered into prior to marriage whereas marital settlement agreements are contracts that are entered into once a couple divorces. Both premarital and divorce agreements require full and fair disclosure of both parties’ assets and debts.

Common Issues Addressed in Premarital Agreements

Premarital agreements allow a couple to specify what will happen with the couples’ property and debt prior to marriage should they choose to divorce at some later time. Our legal professionals will ensure you have a full understanding of the divorce laws and marital property laws in Pennsylvania to limit the chances of hostile, lengthy, and expensive divorce in the future. We specialize in the following prenuptial considerations:

  • Division of property owned by either spouse
  • Future support such as alimony
  • Inheritance and the division of debts or property in the event of death
  • Establishment of each spouses decision-making rights regarding assets during the marriage
  • Estate and business planning (i.e. ownership or management of a family business)

Divorce attorneys and members of the Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania work with engaged couples in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties to write strong, advantageous premarital agreements. If you and your partner choose to develop a financial plan that considers each of your needs in a mutually respectful environment prior to getting married, connect with us to schedule a legal consultation!

Collaborative Divorce for Marital Settlements

Marital settlement agreements may address all of the same topics as a prenuptial in addition to matters related to child support and child custody. Under Pennsylvania family law, once married, a couple‘s decisions about their financial situation and financial future are subject to a new set of laws. The details of a divorce settlement should be reviewed carefully with the help of a family law attorney to avoid misunderstandings, expensive losses, and unfair settlements.

Choosing to create a divorce agreement using divorce mediation services and the Collaborative Process enables spouses to resolve family law issues in a less stressful environment and minimizes (or eliminates) the need to attend court hearings.

Choose to be part of the planning process of your financial future! If you are considering a separation, already separated, or have filed for a divorce, and are looking for a way to minimize the emotionally destructive and financially expensive traditional court process, learn more about divorce law, mediation services, and the Collaborative divorce alternative. Our divorce lawyers work with individuals in the Philadelphia area including Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties. Connect with a member of the Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania.