Conflict is Never Easy

The stress of resolving disputes can take its toll on your emotional and financial well-being. If not handled properly, the effects can be devastating and lasting.

Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania is committed to helping clients find a peaceful way to resolve conflict. We are an experienced group of independent Lawyers, Financial Specialists, Communication Coaches and Child Specialists who are licensed mental health professionals, all trained in the Collaborative Process.

Working together, we explore creative solutions to meet your unique needs while also considering the needs of the other party. We offer an interdisciplinary approach to resolving disputes that not only considers the legal aspects of the conflict but also the financial and emotional aspects that impact clients and their families.

Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania can help you resolve difficult family situations before they escalate.

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Is Collaborative Law Right For You?

If you want a civilized and respectful resolution of issues, want to minimize the emotional and financial impact in reaching final solutions, then Collaborative Practice may be the answer for you and your family.


Second Saturday: Divorce Workshops for Women

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