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Collaborative Lawyers Keep You Out of Court

The stress of resolving divorce, family law, and estate planning disputes can take a toll on your emotional and financial well-being. If not handled property, the effects can be devastating and lasting.

Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania is committed to helping clients find a peaceful way to resolve conflict outside of the court system. We are a team of experienced professionals trained in Collaborative Practice, an empowering and unique alternative to traditional litigation often used when resolving divorce and other family law conflicts.

The Collaborative Team will explore creative solutions to meet your unique needs while also considering the needs of the other party. Our clients work directly with collaborative lawyers, financial specialists, and  coaches (specially trained mental health professionals) to help resolve disputes in a process similar to mediation. All of our professionals are also trained mediators.

Our interdisciplinary approach to resolving disputes allows us to consider the legal aspects of the conflict as well as the financial and emotional aspects that impact clients and their families. 

Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania can help you resolve difficult family situations before they escalate. We work with individuals in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas.

Find a Collaborative Lawyer today and schedule a confidential conversation. 


Is Collaborative Law Right For You?

If you want a civilized and respectful resolution of issues, want to minimize the emotional and financial impact in reaching final solutions, then Collaborative Practice may be the answer for you and your family.


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