Different Divorce Options

There are many differences between Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, and Traditional Litigation. Only you and your divorcing spouse can decide what the best divorce option is for you. Learn more about each type of divorce below.

Understanding the Differences

Collaborative Divorce Mediation Traditional Litigation
Children Child Specialist prioritizes the welfare of your children and their emotional health The mediator will help you consider the children The contentious process can be damaging to children
Control You and your partner control the process The mediator assists in making decisions Judge makes all final decisions
Timing The pace is controlled by the parties involved The pace is controlled by the couple and the mediator Controlled by the courts, can be years before a resolution is reached
Cost Reduced cost due to lack of court proceedings and more efficient process Least expensive but still requires legal fees for paperwork submission High court costs and legal fees
Privacy Negotiations remain private Negotiations remain private Negotiations are often done in open court and become part of the public record
Family Dynamic Preserve integrity and dignity of the family Preserve integrity and dignity of the family Can further tension and discord in the family

While CLP feels the Collaborative Divorce is a great option for divorcing couples, we understand it is not right for every situation. If you are unsure whether Collaborative Divorce would be a good option for your family, contact us today for a free 30-minute consultation.