Child Support

All parents, married or unmarried, are obligated to contribute to the financial support of their minor children. Pennsylvania Support Guidelines provide a formula for calculating basic support for food, clothing and shelter. Considerations in calculating basic support include each parent’s income or earning capacity and the number of children eligible to receive support. In addition to basic child support, the Guidelines also provide a framework for determining payment of other essential expenses like health care insurance coverage for the children, private or parochial school tuition and child care related to a parent working or being in an educational program to get a job. The number of overnights the children have with a parent may reduce the amount of child support.

As you might imagine, this task often proves challenging and stressful because it can highlight financial and parenting differences. If conflict escalates, the children suffer.

The Collaborative Process prioritizes your children’s needs. Support Guidelines and other relevant factors unique to the family are considered. Parents, along with their Collaborative Team, work together to find a creative solution that meets the children’s financial and emotional needs, fostering more successful co-parenting relationships.

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