Child Specialist

The Child Specialist is a licensed therapist trained in child development, expected behaviors and common struggles children experience through the process of divorce and a changing family system. The Child Specialist provides advocacy and conveys “the voice” of the child to the parents and the Collaborative Team. Utilizing the Child Specialist helps parents shift from a parent-focused perspective to one that is child-centered and considers the child’s developmental stage, needs, fears and goals. The Child Specialist assists the family through the transition of separation and divorce by providing an opportunity for parents to develop and maintain healthy and supportive relationships for the well-being of the child, the family and planning for the future. A safe space is available for parents and the child to share their thoughts and feelings as the Child Specialist helps parents design a parenting plan that considers the child’s needs in this particular moment of the family’s restructuring.

Goals of the Child Specialist

  • Give the child a voice, allowing the child to remain a child as the parents negotiate the process of the restructuring of the family;
  • Provide feedback to the parents through education, allowing them to make child-centered decisions;
  • Reduction of conflict and minimization of anxiety, offering coping skills to the child and parents;
  • Reinforce parental strengths and create new strategies for the family during the divorcing process;
  • Maintain and strengthen the child’s relationship with both parents;
  • Assist the family in developing a parenting plan that will foster and strengthen relationships with the parents and child; and
  • Help the family develop a hopeful, resilient and committed family for themselves by reinforcing the love and strength of the parent and child relationship.

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