Collaborative Law in the Days of COVID

September 23, 2020

The practice of Collaborative has not only not been negatively impacted by Covid-19, it has actually been enhanced in many ways. Most Collaborative Professionals, as of the date of this writing, are not seeing people physically in their offices. The Collaborative practice is now a virtual practice, conducted by most practitioners over Zoom or other similar platforms.

Effective Legal Counsel Through Video Conferences

The use of a virtual meeting place has made it easier to schedule Collaborative meetings much more frequently. Prior to Covid-19, most Collaborative Professionals did not schedule any meetings virtually; now, generally, all are virtual. There is no more getting in your car and driving to one of the professional offices, finding parking, paying tolls and lugging files. Now, we schedule the next session and it takes place from the comfort of our offices or homes.

With screen sharing on most virtual platforms, documents such as bank or brokerage statements, real estate appraisal, financial statements, business documents and the like, are easily shared by all participants in the process.

Quickly Resolve Legal Disputes

We are finding that the Collaborative process has accelerated the time it takes to get from “Start” to “Finish”. This results in an obviously quicker process, a less expensive process for the participants and a much shorter resolution. The concern many participants have of “how this is going to end” is resolved much quicker, allowing participants to move on with their lives and begin their “new normal”. The anticipation and natural worry people have, who are going through a separation, divorce, custody or other process simply doesn’t last as long.

The Virtual Law Office Enables Team Collaboration

Of course, in the Collaborative process, there can be professionals on the Team other than the parties and their attorneys. In the past, scheduling a Team meeting was a trying process, because of the driving involved to get to one of the participant’s office. That is now gone. Scheduling meetings with the parties and all of the professionals is much easier and quicker.

We often say the Collaborative Process is less expensive and much faster than litigation. We can safely say now, it is even quicker.

Feel free to contact the Collaborative Professional of your choosing to get more information. We are all happy to speak with you and describe the Collaborative process in more detail. Knowledge is Power. Reach out to us today.

About Lee Schwartz, Esquire

Lee A. Schwartz, Esquire is the owner of Peaceful Separation and Divorce in Philadelphia. He practices Collaborative Law and Mediation in the area of Family Law in the five-county Philadelphia area, with over thirty years of experience. Lee practices Collaborative Law and Mediates divorce, custody, support, alimony and division of property concerns and has been doing so for over twenty-five years. As part of his practice, Mr. Schwartz has been engaged by attorneys to arbitrate Custody related disputes for their clients. He is also trained as a Parenting Coordinator and has been appointed as a Guardian Ad Litem and as a Parenting Coordinator by Judges in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County.
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