Collaborative Law Professionals: Getting To Know Us (CLP) During January 2022

January 12, 2022

As we enter January 2022 checking in with ourselves is always a wise idea. Less of a need to make resolutions but instead a list of realistic life goals. Look at the big picture of your life by breaking things down into categories then analyzing.

  • How am I doing:
  • Emotionally?
  • Financially?
  • In my relationships with family, friends or my partner?

January is a wonderful time to meet with any one of the many members of the Collaborative Law Professionals (CLP) to further assess and set these goals. Our members can guide you in:

  • Mediating a professional or personal matter
  • Embarking on a Collaborative Divorce
  • LGBTQ and same sex marriage and divorce
  • Discussing your current real-estate needs
  • Updating or writing a Will
  • Updating or writing a power of attorney
  • Getting current or future financial plans in place
  • Premarital contracts
  • Business succession planning
  • Addressing any mental health concerns for you, your children or loved ones
  • And many other life needs

In short use the oxygen theory, place the mask on you first so you are then able to assist others. Contacting any of the members in our group can assist you in in breathing easier and able to help others. Make 2022 the best it can be under any obstacles you may or may not be currently experiencing. Assess your current needs, and we’re here to assist you with them.

About Shana Schwartz MSS LCSW:

Shana Schwartz MSS, LCSW is a member of the CLP Executive Board. Shana received her MSS from Bryn Mawr College of Social Work and Social Research and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Schwartz’s specialty areas include: The treatment of autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, depression, behavioral and adjustment disorders. She provides individual and family counseling, parent consultation, school consultation and parent coordination. Ms. Schwartz holds additional post-graduated training in Mindfulness, Parent Coordination, Mediation, Custody and Collaborative Divorce.The focus of her work in each of these practice areas is “Putting Your Children First”.

Shana is an active member of various professional groups, including:

  • NASW
  • SOS
  • Montgomery County Collaborative Law Group
  • Bucks County Collaborative Law Group