Legal costs, litigants' anguish spared

July 15, 2015

As attorneys, we know there are no winners in divorce litigation. Ultimately, everyone loses because of the money, time, and hostility involved (” ‘Collaborative divorce’ can save time and money,” July 3).
In the collaborative divorce process, where disputes are handled cooperatively and the parties learn to communicate, everyone has an opportunity to achieve a successful and mutually satisfying outcome. Many people going through the legal system cannot afford an attorney and try to represent themselves, with great difficulty. Because the collaborative process can be less expensive, more people should be able to afford an attorney. Nor is the collaborative process limited to family-law cases.
Resources can be found at or the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (
|Joanne E. Kleiner and Dorothy S. Langton, copresidents, Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern PA; and Barbara Zulick, cochair, Montgomery Bar Association, Collaborative Law Committee, Rydal.