Things to Think About in January 2023

January 10, 2023

Life has been throwing us curve balls for the last few years. We are not out of the woods yet so
it is important to focus on your physical, emotional and financial health. Many of us view the
last few years a blur or just surviving on a daily basis. In order to take hold of your emotional or
mental health you could start by decluttering your life.

Decluttering Has Many Aspects

a. Your office
Get rid of papers and files from prior years. Set up a system of filing for 2023 that will
make things easy for you to follow. Do a deep dive into making the office feel organized
fresh and ready for the 2023 year.

b. Your home
Focus on closets, garages any spaces where you typically store things that go to die. If
you don’t need it, donate or sell it. Decluttering your physical space is a great way to
feel lighter emotionally.

c. Your insurance policies
Reviewing your insurance policies in January is a great way to go into a New Year feeling
safe and protected. Review your medical insurance, life insurance, car insurance etc.
making sure the policies are up to date and meet your needs for the up-coming year.
Don’t forget any needed changes to your will that might be needed as well.

d. Review credit cards, driver licenses, and/or passports
January is a great time to check that your credit is in order. Check all active credit cards
and make sure there are no discrepancies you may have missed during the previous
year. Make sure your drivers license and passport are not going to expire in the
upcoming year and tickler in your calendar when you need to address this. Check if you
have the Real ID, which will shortly be required in 2023.

e. Review assets and debts
Looking at your assets and debts can be intimidating. Breath deep and put the numbers
in front of you! This is a great opportunity to see your financial health and address what
may be needed. Committing to this will also emotionally help you feel safe and

f. Assess your overall mental health
Don’t be afraid to reach out for professional assistance if you feel you need support with
your mental health. Even with things in order life can still be difficult and overwhelming.
It is important to put your mental health first, as it typically dictates the rest of our lives.

Know that our Collaborative Law Professionals group can assist you with all the above needs.
Our lawyers, financial specialists, mental health professionals and other associate members are
ready to support you in making 2023 the best year.

About Shana Schwartz MSS LCSW:

Shana Schwartz MSS, LCSW is a member of the CLP Executive Board. Shana received her MSS from Bryn Mawr College of Social Work and Social Research and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Schwartz’s specialty areas include: The treatment of autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, depression, behavioral and adjustment disorders. She provides individual and family counseling, parent consultation, school consultation and parent coordination. Ms. Schwartz holds additional post-graduated training in Mindfulness, Parent Coordination, Mediation, Custody and Collaborative Divorce.The focus of her work in each of these practice areas is “Putting Your Children First”.

Shana is an active member of various professional groups, including:

Montgomery County Collaborative Law Group
Bucks County Collaborative Law Group