Three Secrets to Manage Your Emotions Through the Divorce Process.

April 17, 2023

Getting divorced is difficult for everyone involved. The hopes, dreams, and plans that have been made are now shifted; the future may feel unknown. The uncertainty can include but is certainly not limited to finances, children, family relationships, mental health, medical needs, housing, friendships, and community.

How to Keep Your Emotions in Check During This Stressful Period

Below are a few small strategies that may help to keep emotions in check so you can think more clearly and make more constructive plans for your future.

  1. Allow yourself grace and kindness. Understand that divorce is very difficult, and your feelings and concerns are large and real. People may experience feelings similar to the stages of the bereavement process, grief. These stages are Shock and disbelief, sadness, guilt, anger, fear, and physical pain. These stages are not in order. If you experience any of these stages, identify the feelings and talk to a support person, journal or engage in something that fills your soul.
  1. What is the seed of emotion? Are you afraid, overwhelmed, or sad? Identify and chunk down what your concerns are. It is normal for you to feel like you are falling apart. Remember, feelings are passing; acknowledge the feelings and determine what you need to feel safe, grounded, and present.
  1. What are your tasks to get to the other side of the divorce? It is important to stay present and help yourself not to go into past promises and expectations. Life has shifted, this may or may not have been your choice, yet it is the situation in front of you.

I hope this was helpful. If I can be of assistance to you through this process, I would be honored to support you.

About Arlene Schnee-Rosen:

Ending a relationship can be a can be an emotionally challenging and difficult process. Restructuring the family utilizing the collaborative process can afford an opportunity to establish a framework for healthy communication while providing a respectful and dignified experience with the family member’s best interest as a priority.

In my role as a Divorce Coach I assist the clients in effectively communicating their needs while minimizing emotional conflict and staying present with the issues of concern relating to the negotiation of the Divorce. As a Child Specialist the goal is assisting the parents and Collaborative Team by identifying and expressing the developmental needs and concerns of the children while acting as a conduit by giving the children a voice in the process.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Collaborative Divorce Coach, Child Specialist, Mediator and a Co-parent coordinator. My experience includes working with trauma in families, divorce/separation issues, parenting, co-parenting, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, ADHD and life cycle issues.

I can be reached at or 610-608-1353.