Uncontested Divorce Can Improve a Relationship

September 22, 2015

Wendy Paris, Splitopia, Psychology Today, April 7, 2015
When filing for divorce teaches new skills
When we first started discussing divorce, I called a few lawyers, but didn’t hire anyone.  I was convinced by what I had heard that divorce lawyers are sharks, circling failing marriages, salivating, ready to snap.
Take the case of a man I’ll call Josh.  When he and his wife decided to divorce, they assumed the first step was to choose who kept what.  And so, like many couples, they immediately added to the stress and anxiety of separation the gut-wrenching process of divvying up assets.  Their longstanding disagreements about parenting grew. Josh’s parents encouraged him to call in some lawyers.  With two professionals on the case, each dedicated to ferreting out every possible advantage for his client—against the other—the fighting escalated.