There’s a New Sheriff in town, and that Sheriff is a hybrid. Traditionally, people contemplating Divorce had one choice: each side hires a Family Lawyer and they begin the arduous, expensive, exhausting and sometimes pointless process of litigating Custody, Support, Alimony, Division of Property, etc. in a […]

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Presenting Divorce Settlement Data in an Informative Way

How many times have data heavy presentations made you wince? Particularly in an anxiety heavy meeting where discussions about marital property division discussions will take place. More people are visual (rather than auditory or kinesthetic) learners, so the presentation of numbers seems natural to the creators. But […]

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25 Tips for Active Listening in a Collaborative Environment

1. Find a quiet, private place to listen.  Hallways, shared offices, and other busy places are not conducive to active listening.  In a quiet spot you’ll be better able to focus your whole attention and create a non-threatening environment.  Collaborative meetings require quiet and peaceful settings. 1. […]

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Top 10 Things Your Clients Should Know About Their Mortgage When Going Through a Divorce

Divorcing clients have many questions when going through a divorce; especially when real estate and mortgage financing are involved. Here are ten top things every divorcing client should take into consideration when dealing with the marital home and/or other real estate. Timing of Filing The Divorce Complaint. […]

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You want to divorce your spouse and have an agreement about your children and your finances with a minimum amount of conflict and expenditure of resources. Does this sound like you? If so, it will make good sense for you and perhaps also your spouse to attend […]

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Unraveling Complex Valuation Issues in Divorce

Ending a marriage equitably can be a complex process when spouses and their attorneys face the daunting prospect of determining the value of a business.  In these cases, it is always a good idea to consult a business valuation expert who also has experience in marital dissolutions […]

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From Problem Solving to Empowerment

By Henry Yampolsky, July 21,2016. Many lawyers pride themselves on being good problem solvers: they are able to quickly identify what they perceive is the problem and then use their training, experience and expertise to offer a “ready-made” solution. Except, that this approach does not always work […]

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Never Too Old to Hurt From Parents’ Divorce

By Jane Gordon Julien April 21, 2016, New York Times.  In the room that would be the scene of Lisa George’s divorce in 2012, Ms. George, now 59, was seated on the same side of the table as her about-to-be-ex-husband. Each of their divorce lawyers slid into seats […]

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An Open Letter To The Beaming Bride I Was On My Wedding Day, After Divorce

Brittany Wong, Divorce Editor, The Huffington Post, Dec 15, 2015.  “You and your now ex-husband wake up every single day and choose love.” Today, Amy Johnson is a happily divorced mom of two young boys. A little over a decade ago, she was a 25-year-old bride, confidently walking down […]

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Two Dads and a Mom

By Ellen S. Fischer, Esquire, Collaborative Law Professionals of Southeastern Pennsylvania. The definition of a family is rapidly changing. It has become ordinary for two parent households to consist of either a mom and a dad or two dads or two moms. But now there are three […]

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